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The Volkov Woods

Posted by Calista on 10/19/19
It is no easy task to receive the devastating news of what has happened in Volkov Woods. My heart is heavy and it pains me deeply to know those whom I welcomed under the Fidante branch of the Lyceum suffered such devastation. In order to preserve their lands, House Fidante assumes all responsibility for the March and its people. You will not have to suffer the fate of your liege.

We offer the people of Volkov Woods our deepest condolences. You have our support and our protection during these dark moments.

Any business related to this matter shall be addressed to the Duchess of Tor and her Voices.


Calista Fidante
Duchess of Tor

--- Malvici Stance via Fiora ---
Malvici grieves the loss of Lady Aahana and her child. We shall stand shoulder to shoulder with Fidante in response to this devastating tragedy.

--- Acheron Stance via Rhea ---
Thoughts and prayers.

--- Farshaw Stance via Ryhalt ---
Farshaw stands with those who grieve those lost in this unforgivable attack.

--- Pravus Stance via Belladonna ---
House Pravus mourns such tragedy and offers its aid and support to Houses Fidante and Malvici in the pursuit of retribution. Such depravity wounds us all.