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Announcement of Courtship

Posted by Eilonwy on 10/16/19
On this new year of 1012 it gives me pleasure to announce a courtship of Hosue Blackwood and House Ravenseye.
     Lord Cadern Ravenseye will potentially be joining House Blackwood as the Marquis-Consort. We are excited for what the future together may offer in tightening the bonds between our two families.
    By my own hand,
    Marquessa Eilonwy Blackwood of the Storm March.

--- Clearlake Stance via Acantha ---
House Clearlake sends it's congratulations to House Ravenseye and House Blackwood.

--- The Court Stance via Octavia ---
The Crown Court congratulates our colleague and House Blackwood on their possible bond.

--- Halfshav Stance via Khanne ---
House Halfshav sends out a hearty congratulations to House Blackwood and House Ravenseye. May their futures be prosperous and full of good things.

--- Gilden Stance via Vittorio ---
Gilden congratulates Marquessa Eilonwy on her novel prenuptial contract negotiation tactics in this potential match.

--- Rubino-Zaffria Stance via Miranda ---
Ravenseye is losing a Lord and Blackshore is gaining a Marquis-Consort! Congratulations to the new couple, may they have a blessed marriage!

--- King's Own Stance via Eleanor ---
The King's Own extends warmest congratulations to House Blackwood and House Ravenseye, with best wishes for a couple that could not be better matched.

--- Scholars Stance via Delilah ---
The Scholars of Vellichor extend best wishes for a prosperous, happy match to a fellow Scholar and House Blackwood.

--- Crovane Stance via Rysen ---
House Crovane congratulates Marquessa Eilonwy and Lord Cadern in their courtship, and offers its best wishes for their future.

--- Culler Stance via Orathy ---
How exciting. Reckon we do be hoping fer a happy endin.