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Notice of Malvici travel restrictions

Posted by Martino on 10/09/19
Due to insult made towards Lady Thea Malvici, myself and House Malvici, the Lady Mabelle Laurent is hereby tendered public notice that travel restrictions apply to all Malvici lands and that from this point forth they are recognised by us as "an unwanted presence, or person".

For public record, this has occured due to the delivery of crass humour to one of our own that she was carrying a bastard child - and of messenger writ to me that I should be thankful for this news. Later, just after the toil of a full bell, the Lady Mabelle wrote to me that she heard mistakenly and that it was another within the Malvici fealty. Therefore protecting themselves after insulting our own, and creating the lie. During the process of reparations and apology being paid by Lady Mabelle - the offending person was making their case to others to apply influence on this matter. This is all while the slighted parties were undergoing review to accept them and consider the matter closed, working in assistance with a fine member of the Whisper House. To us, a clear sign that apology and reparations, were merely a process in order to have any discredit that House Malvici placed the person them lifted. Ultimately that there was no ownership for their insults made.

Under this notice, and until it's public lifting, the Lady Mabelle Laurent is not recognised within Malvici Lands and is discredited by us. This in no way applies beyond her to other members of House Laurent who, after fine partnerships together and in conversation with the Duke Cristoph Laurent, remain firm allies and friends in the Oathlands.

These restrictions and our recognition granted once more for the Lady Mabelle will be lifted when proper ownership and accountability for their continued slights is made clear. Or there is a duel conducted.

Writ By My Hand,

Lord Martino Malvici
Voice of House Malvici

--- The Champions Stance via Aleksei ---
Sounds like a mess that could have been prevented by calling for Champions at the start!

--- Greenmarch Stance via Simone ---
One might read a proclamation such as this as the Malvici being afraid of an invasion or the peace of their lands from the Lady Mabelle. Just duel; it is beneath the nobility to drag such a thing out like this.