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Memorial at Merchants' Gate

Posted by Laric on 09/27/19
Citizens of Arx,

We are pleased to announce that after several months of hard work, the restoration of the memorial at Merchants' Gate has been completed. Created after the Reckoning by surviving citizens of the war, it celebrates the sacrifices made by the heroes of the Metallic Order who defended our forebearers: Silver, Iron, Steel, Gold and their respective Guards.

It also marks the site of Gold's final battle. Though he fell in his victory, his courage and that of the Gold Guard bought enough time for reinforcements to arrive, who were able to save our city.

Our thanks to Princess Sorrel Thrax, Josephine Arcuri and Ajax of the Redwood Company for their parts in the project, as well as Dustin Nidhogg and his workers, whose craftsmanship and skill enabled it all. We invite you all to admire it in the coming days and remember the crucial moment it marks. Any who wish to toast them tonight at the Queensrest Inn or Trader's Tavern does so at my expense.

As Arx endures, we will never again forget.

In service to the Crown,
Prince Laric Grayson, Master of Questions