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Stepping Down

Posted by Thena on 09/24/19
I am renouncing the leadership of the Knights of Solace to pursue other matters of the Faith. Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, as my second in command up to this time, is to have the rank of Grandmaster unless he or the upper ranks of the Faith decide otherwise.

Dame Thena, Knights of Solace

--- Refugee Stance via Hadrian ---
We wish to thank Dame Thena for her dedicated service and as a protector of the people of Arvum. We hope that we may continue to work with the Knights of Solace, under the next Grandmaster.

--- Scholars Stance via Sina ---
The Scholars of Vellichor wish Dame Thena the best in her future endeavors within the Faith, and pray that Sir Jeffeth will lead the Knights of Solace in charity and grace.

--- King's Own Stance via Corban ---
The King's Own stands in solidarity with its fellow Silver Order, and we will work closely with Sir Jeffeth as we did Dame Thena. May Gild bless them both abundantly.

--- Templars Stance via Preston ---
There is great sorrow in losing our dearest sister from her service as Grandmaster, but joy that we know she will pursue the Faith always in her own way.

--- Acheron Stance via Rhea ---
Thoughts and prayers.

--- Keaton Stance via Reigna ---
Keaton thanks Dame Thena for her tireless service and wishes her well on all future endeavors!

--- Faith of the Pantheon Stance via Aureth ---
The Faith honors and commends Dame Thena for her effort and devotion to duty. Her dedication and strength have fostered the flourishing of Solace over the past few years, and as she moves on to new pursuits, we look to her successor to carry on that great work.

--- Whisper Stance via Bliss ---
Dame Thena was always the great example of what a dedicated leader could be. The Knights of Solace suffer a terrible loss, but she has more than earned this time to pursue what she needs. Whisper House wishes her comfort and peace in the next stage of her career.