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Aurelle Grayhope

Posted by Mayir on 09/19/19
The RESPECTABLE Grayhope family is delighted to announce the birth of Aurelle Grayhope, the second child of Harper and Magpie Grayhope. (Pie is adopted but if you say that he's not just as much their kid, I will fight you.)

In her honor, the Grayhopes declare a WEEKEND OF CELEBRATION at the MURDER OF CROWS, Arx's MOST-DURABLE ale and boarding house. During this WEEKEND OF CELEBRATION there will be free* drinks on offer to all, including nobles (if they behave themselves)!

The Queen bless this newest arrival to Arx's MOST SUCCESSFUL, and, again VERY RESPECTED family.

Mayir Grayhope
Underboss of Grayhope
Director of Marketing, Highway Robbery
Proud Uncle

* We choose the drink**

** It'll probably be cheap-ish ale or rum.***

*** No exchanges.

--- Grayhope Stance via Mayir ---
Thanks to the GENEROSITY of an ANONYMOUS DONOR, it will be a WEEK of celebration with WELL DRINKS.

--- Kennex Stance via Aethan ---
Kennex congratulates the couple on the birth of their second child, and hopes they manage to get some sleep in the coming weeks.

--- Rubino-Zaffria Stance via Miranda ---
Gemecitta and Houses Rubino and Zaffria extend their most heartfelt congratulations to the Grayhope family on the safe birth of Aurelle. May she bring and know joy all of her life.

--- Acheron Stance via Rhea ---
Our thoughts and prayers to Arx's criers & heralds in this time of seemingly slow business.