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Stahlben birth

Posted by Arcadia on 09/10/19
Overnight House Stahlben welcomed their first born into the world.

Both mother and child are doing happy and healthy. A daughter by the name Genevieve, who already exhibits her mother's temperament.

House Stahlben will pay for all drinks at The Spirits for the next day to celebrate.

Countess Arcadia Stahlben.

--- Rubino-Zaffria Stance via Miranda ---
Congratulations, Countess Arcadia! It was an honor to witness the beginnings at least! We are all glad you and your new daughter are safely delivered! Many blessings to you and your newest little one!

--- Byrne Stance via Mikani ---
We are glad to hear of the safe birth of the new Stahlben and that she is already showing the passion and abandon for life her mother has. Congratulations on your new adventure!

--- Malvici Stance via Martino ---
A fine name and delivery into the world. To have sacrificed the cassock for your daughter's arrival, it is a delight to hear there is some reward.

--- Crovane Stance via Rysen ---
House Crovane celebrates the birth of Genevieve Stahlben, and is very happy to hear that both mother and daughter are happy and healthy! May the gods and spirits watch over the youngest member of House Stahlben in all of her adventures.

--- Nightgold Stance via Willow ---
It is our great joy and pleasure to welcome the newest Lady of House Stahlben.

--- Leary Stance via Elloise ---
Oh, how exciting! A BABY prodigal born to my sister -- I hope to see some of the neat shav-vy ways manifested in my niece. A perfect observational tool!