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Tyde Births

Posted by Archeron on 09/06/19
It is with the greatest pleasure that I get to make this announcement. This morning my beloved wife Lady Radhilde was delivered of a son, and soon after a daughter. Twins of House Tyde. All three are in good health and look forward to meeting their cousins of Tyde and Acheron as their busy schedule of napping allows.

In honour of our shared history, of families who march in our memories while our halls remain still too empty, our son is named Lord Titus Tyde, and our daughter is Lady Audhilde Tyde. Let them continue the rebuilding that Duchess Margot has begun.

We fall. We rise.

--- Melaeris Stance via Llewella ---
House Melaeris congratulates Tyde on its bountiful births.

--- Tyde Stance via Margot ---
Archeron and Radhilde have doubled the population of our next generation. Most efficent and appreciated.

--- Grayhope Stance via Mayir ---
You know what noble births make us? Very thirsty. And yet ...

--- Kennex Stance via Octavia ---
Tyde continues to rebuild at an impressive rate.

--- Ashford Stance via Lisebet ---
Congratulations on the addition to the family. We welcome you to the late night parties caused by screaming babies.

--- Acheron Stance via Rhea ---
How wonderful! House Acheron will cover all tabs at the Spirits for those who make their thoughts and prayers known.

--- Crovane Stance via Rysen ---
House Crovane is happy to congratulate Lady Radhilde and Lord Archeron on the birth of their twins. May the gods and spirits ever watch over them.

--- The Crown Stance via Saoirse ---
May your enthusiasm never go out with the tide. Ours won't. Congratulations.

--- Redrain Stance via Gwenna ---
House Redrain congratulates House Tyde on the births! We are gladdened by the good health of Lady Radhilde and the twins, Lord Titus and Lady Audhilde. Surely their legacy is just beginning.

--- Thrax Stance via Victus ---
The brightest spot of news we've had in a long time. May Lord Titus and Lady Audhilde grow to be worthy of their names.