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The Heir to Iriscal

Posted by Sabine on 08/27/19
House Tessere is pleased to announce the safe delivery of Lord Constantin, infant heir to Iriscal and living legacy of the late Count Karadoc Tessere. In gratitude for her safe delivery and the thriving health of her newborn son, the Countess Sabine is donating a hundred thousand silver to the Faith of the Pantheon, for their work in supporting less fortunate mothers and children.

In addition, the bars and taverns of the Ward of the Lyceum have been given sufficient silver to ensure free drinks to any and all who step through their door for a period of twenty-four hours.

By her will,
Sabine Tessere
Countess of Iriscal

--- The Crown Stance via Saoirse ---
I CON-STAN(d)-IT, that's how excited the throne is. Just CONSTANTly cheering!

--- Velenosa Stance via Berenice ---
House Velenosa offers its congratulations to mother and son, and hopes Lord Constantin grows clever and shrewd as a credit to his late father.

--- Grayhope Stance via Mayir ---
The Grayhopes will lift a (free!) glass to heir to Iriscal!