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Stormbreak Divorce

Posted by Orazio on 08/22/19
It's never easy when a marriage comes to an end. Our Gods teach us that the vows we make are sacred. And yet we are human, and sometimes we do make errors in our service to the Gods. In those cases, we must do what we can to repent and to make amends as need be, to admit our errors and move forward.

Such is the case with Baron Edward Stormbreak and his wife, Baroness Elloise. There have been tempers and hurt words between them, there have been difficult times. They have sought counsel from the Faith, and in the end have been released from their vows to each other. Lady Elloise will return to her family, as Baron Edward continues to lead his. They will both seek counsel from the Faith during this difficult time, and work with the Faith to move forward in reconciling themselves to the Gods.

May they find healing in their Faith.

Dominus Orazio

--- Pravus Stance via Belladonna ---
Pravus laments the abrupt ending of any holy union such as this. May the gods guide the Lady Elloise and Baron Edward towards a brighter tomorrow, and grant them more wisdom, or luck, on future engagements. Our prayers are now turned to the children. May they grow strong.

--- Whisper Stance via Bliss ---
Marriage is the bedrock of noble Arvani society, and while one would have hoped Lady Elloise could at least keep to that aspect of civilization, it would be a lie to say we are surprised. Whisper House offers its condolences to House Leary in this upcoming difficult time.

--- Shepherd Stance via Malcolm ---
Better luck next time, right?

--- Amadeo Stance via Duarte ---
We commend the Faith for their efforts and wisdom and guidance. And we pray these two divorcees will in time come to find, and demonstrate, strength and resolve before Limerance.

--- Acheron Stance via Rhea ---
Thoughts and prayers.

--- Clement Stance via Norwood ---
It seems that the ill of noble divorce is continuing to spread. How long before the other bedrocks of our compact fail?

--- Ravenseye Stance via Aella ---
Watch out Prodigal Houses.

--- Ashford Stance via Harlan ---
It is important to remember our duty as regards marriages. Dissolving a marriage is, essentially, an abdication of this duty. It is hoped that both involved with search their hearts and ensure they are ready to fulfill their duties the next time they choose to marry.