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Outlaw Sons

Posted by Octavia on 08/01/19
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Due to their repeated acts of aggression against the lands and vassals of Kennex, I hereby declare the entire organization of the Undrowned Sons as outlaw within the holdings of Stormward March. Information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of members of these pirates may net a reward of up to a hundred thousand silver coin.

To the named outlaws: I notice the admitted failure in your organization's title, and suggest that you try harder.

May the winds of change be at our backs.
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Marquessa Octavia Kennex
Marquessa of Stormward March

--- Crovane Stance via Rysen ---
House Crovane applauds the decision of House Kennex against the reprobate murders known as the Undrowned Sons. May justice find them swiftly.

--- Byrne Stance via Mikani ---
Byrne applauds and stands with Kennex on their decision on the Undrowned Sons. May justice be brought swiftly and The Sentinel's will be done.

--- Bisland Stance via Gabriel ---
Bisland stands with House Kennex against these brigands and murderers.

--- Seliki Stance via Orrin ---
House Seliki stands with House Kennex on this matter, and will match their reward up to a hundred thousand silver.

--- Stahlben Stance via Arcadia ---
House Stahlben applauds Kennex's decree and hopes that they find swift justice against the undrowned sons.

--- Deepwood Stance via Samantha ---
Deepwood applauds Kennex and supports its pursuit of pursuit of justice.

--- Nightgold Stance via Willow ---
House Nightgold stands with House Kennex and will likewise match the reward offered.

--- Malvici Stance via Martino ---
House Malvici supports such moves and will continue to patrol the Lycene waters where we can to put a halt to piracy. With a particular focus now on the Undrowned Sons. May our friends and allies see swift justice.

--- Redreef Stance via Ember ---
House Redreef stands with House Kennex in opposition to the Undrowned Sons and their unjust actions.

--- Blackshore Stance via Skye ---
House Blackshore stands with House Kennex against the Undrowned Sons and declares them outlaw in their holdings. Our house will match the reward up to hundred thousand silver.