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Shepherd-Whitehawk Alliance

Posted by Malcolm on 04/21/19
With the return of many of Shepherd's own to Graypeak, it was a necessity to add to our numbers. That said and so - finally - after a lengthy courtship and a contract negotiation so complicated that it made my head spin -- the thing is done. It's my personal pleasure to introduce Duchess-Consort Delilah Shepherd to my House and to the peers of the city of Arx. She'll stand as my unofficial right hand -- with Lord Wyatt Shepherd being my officially official Voice and right hand in damn near everything. Wait. Ah, I guess with two right hands I still have a left hand, right, but that's mine. No metaphors for that one. Nevertheless, as Duchess-Consort she gets all the rights and privileges that the rank extends to her. She'll be a grand addition to a House that will flourish and grow with her creativity and quick wit. In turn, she'll fine none more true than us Shepherd.

Also, ah, pray that she don't get too fed up with my spelling errors in my public proclamations -- because she'll likely be my editor too.

By my hand on this day -- such and such like After the Reckoning
Duke Malcolm Shepherd, Ruler of Graypeak

--- Fidante Stance (from Calista) ---
Many congratulations to the marriage of Duke Malcom and his Duchess-Consort Delilah Shepherd. House Fidante wishes you many years of happiness.

--- Riven Stance (from Mia) ---
May Limerance smile upon you, your House, and your union. We certainly have on hearing of it!

--- Moore Stance (from Tarrant) ---
Of the myriad gifts the Gods have given us, marriage is among the greatest, may your time together be long and fruitful!

--- Rubino-Zaffria Stance (from Miranda) ---
Congratulations! Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together.