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In response to Teagan Blackram

Posted by Rhea on 03/27/19
"Our armies will march to help relieve the siege of Bellerive's holdings."

So reads an excerpt, fifth paragraph down, from a pronouncement currently stored safely in the Great Archives for any member of the peerage or peasantry to study at their leisure. The proclamation was penned and signed by Lady Teagan Blackram. Now, forgive me for I am no knight but when I swing a blade, I do expect it to _cut_. Is this not so in Cloudspine?

Those forces arrived at Last Bridge, broke Trevor Threerivers' siege, and took many hostages, and put them brutally to the sword. Today her ladyship has chosen to misrepresent these events in a sloppy attempt to distance herself from them and appease her moral superiors. She has denounced her own general leading those forces, attesting that her House chose to stay its hand in spite of Bellerive's pleading and swearing that no order came from her or her brother to send them. She has promised to bring this general to the city and pass him into Faith custody.

Is this a product of a liege who is forgetful or one who is deceitful? House Acheron does not seek to answer such a question. That is for the Faith of the Pantheon, though we do pose it secure in our knowledge that it too will not be so conveniently forgotten.

--- Deepwood Stance (from Rymarr) ---
Our thoughts and prayers are with House Acheron and House Blackram.