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A Denoucement Announcement

Posted by Teagan on 03/27/19
Many have heard the rumors that my brother, the Marquis of Blackram, or myself as Voice may have ordered troops out to Last Bridge to fend off the forces that had invaded from the Northlands and lay siege to Bellerive. Though Bellerive had pleaded with Telmar and ourselves for aid, we had stayed our hand in the hopes that Count Trevor may see the error of his ways and request the reasonable weregild instead for the lost patrol. Something that never came. We had also hoped that Acheron might enter into negotiations fairly.

I am a proponent of peace. What I support is a fair peace that does not cripple me and mine.

No order came from my brother or myself to send those troops. It was a general who made the assumption to go forth. This general will be brought to the city and remanded unto the Faith to pay penance for this act. As to the accusations of killing those that begged quarter: an investigation is still being completed as to who gave those orders so they, too, may be made to pay their penance as well.

This is the danger of listening to one small voice and leaping to action. There are nefarious factions at work in our midst. Ones who do not have the Compact's best interests at heart. They seek to divide us and mislead us. They seek to undermine our leadership, our Faith, and our respect in one another.

The only way forward is together.

--- Solace Stance (from Jeffeth) ---
The Knights of Solace commend Lady Teagan for condemning this sort of behavior and committing to a peaceful resolution. There are plenty of potential justifications to do otherwise, but pursuing peace in these dark times is an admirable pursuit.

--- Acheron Stance (from Rhea) ---
Oh, thank goodness no one ordered those troops to marc-- oh, hold on.

--- Deepwood Stance (from Rymarr) ---
Our thoughts and prayers are with House Acheron and House Blackram. Neither party should forget Everard Telmar - this current situation has a particular stink to it.

--- Telmar Stance (from Ansel) ---
Perhaps House Deepwood ought to spend more time considering ways to resolve this conflict without bloodshed, and less in sloppy attempts to dig up unrelated, and individual, transgressions.