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Unity on the Sea

Posted by Orvyn on 03/22/19
In this time of conflict and tension across borders both near and far, it has come to the attention of some that the need for unity and a conscious decision to utilize the strengths of the many as a cohesive whole is paramount.

With that in mind, it is with great pride and hope for the future that with the blessings and permission of the Faith, House Harthall and House Mazetti announce the betrothal of Dame Ouida Harthall and Lord Andreas Mazetti, in recognition of deepening ties between their two houses. 

The wedding shall take place in three weeks time, after which Lord Andreas shall be known as Lord Andreas Harthall.

by our hands,

Marques and Voices of Harthall and Mazetti

--- Mazetti Stance (from Cambria) ---
It is House Mazetti's pleasure and great joy to be part of this union, and step forward into a new and greater future.

--- Leary Stance (from Iliana) ---
House Leary is pleased to see strengthening ties between the Oathlands and the Lyceum and wishes the couple a long and fruitful marriage.