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House Riven Birth

Posted by Thesarin on 03/18/19
Imogen Riven, daughter of Mia, sister to Vahari, has been born to the world while the sun was in the sky.

Countess Mia Riven is in fine health, taking time to mend and count the thousand blessings on her house and her family.

--- Scholars Stance (from Delilah) ---
The Scholars of Vellichor celebrate the safe delivery of the Countess and Lady Imogen, and wish the Riven family all the very best.

--- Whitehawk Stance (from Silas) ---
House Whitehawk welcomes the arrival of a new Riven, and sends congratulations to their fine lieges!

--- Seliki Stance (from Orrin) ---
House Seliki celebrates with House Riven on this joyous occasion.

--- Deepwood Stance (from Rymarr) ---
Excellent work. We are very happy to hear this news. With all of the loss and turmoil of late, some positive news is a boon. We are also very happy to know that the sun was out.

--- Bisland Stance (from Michael) ---
Congratulations to The Rivens, and little baby Imogen. May she grew up as lovely as her mother and as fierce as her father.

--- Keaton Stance (from Reigna) ---
Keaton is so happy to welcome the newest Riven into the world! May she grow to match her mother in brilliance and steel.

--- Nightgold Stance (from Willow) ---
Congratulations on the newest addition to your esteemed family and welcome baby Imogen.