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Passing of Ford Kennex

Posted by Octavia on 03/17/19
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It is with a heart filled with pain and fury that I confirm the rumors floating around the city about my brother's untimely passing. Marquis Ford Kennex met his end in the village of Breakshackle, along with the entire population of that viilage. Clearly whatever unknown actor murdered my brother wanted to send a message, since the longships responding to the plumes of smoke found my brother and his guard presented to the sea.

I want to make abundantly clear that the accusations of Stormward March being a lawless and dangerous place are completely untrue. The only band of 'violent criminals' that I am aware of on our lands are the unknown agents who put an entire village of freed people to the sword in a craven act of terror. It has not worked; Kennex will not bow to those who are too afraid to reveal their faces. The Sentinel's justice will be done should they ever be caught, and I urge those who hear anything of substance to notify myself or Lady Zoey.

Memorial services for my brother will be announced shortly. I do not plan to reveal the contents of his will until he is properly returned to the Lady of Endings, aside that his son Darion remains his heir, and that his voices will, for now, act as Darion's regent until he turns 18. The winds of change are ever at our backs.

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Lady Regent Octavia Kennex
Voice of House Kennex

--- Fireviper Stance (from Gailin) ---
House Fireviper grieves with you and offers whatever aide we can in this your time of grief. We stand with House Kennex and are here should you need anything.
    From the Ashes.

--- Thrax Stance (from Victus) ---
Thrax praises Lady Octavia's diligence in these difficult times.

--- Harthall Stance (from Ouida) ---
Harthall offers its deepest sympathy and condolences to House Kennex in their loss of Marquis Ford, and prays that the perpetrators shall be swiftly found an brought to justice.

--- Deepwood Stance (from Rymarr) ---
We are sorry to hear of the death of a cornerstone in the long quest that is the abolition of slavery. May House Kennex discover and permanently resolve the issue of the one who did this.