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Thursday's Child

Posted by Willow on 03/04/19
It is my great honor and pleasure that my first announcement on behalf of House Nightgold is a donation of a million coins to liberate the youngest victims of thralldom. If we work together, we can all do better. In that vein, any donation made from here on out to the cause, I will match coin for coin for the first five thousand coins, merely send me a messenger to notify of the donation.

From the Depths, Comes Courage,
Lady Willow Nightgold, Voice of Stonedeep

--- Redreef Stance (from Mikani) ---
Thank you. From on that spent childhood as a Thrall I am gladdened to see such support for these children.

--- Seliki Stance (from Orrin) ---
A thousand children will thank House Nightgold this night, and our House stands in open admiration.