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Keaton Birth Announcement

Posted by Reigna on 02/26/19
In the evening of the 21st day of the eighth month in the 1010th year past the Reckoning, Marquis Kael and Marquessa Reigna of House Keaton welcomed daughter Lady Brianne Wildfire Keaton into the world. Both mother and daughter are doing well and House Keaton has donated 100,000 silver to Thursday's Child in the name of their newest Lady.

--- Acheron Stance (from Rhea) ---
Our thoughts and prayers! How wonderful.

--- Champagne Stance (from Yasmine) ---
House Champagne raises its glass in toast to the birth of Lady Brianne Keaton. May she shine as bright as her namesake!

--- Whitehawk Stance (from Delilah) ---
House Whitehawk gives its prayers and joy to Marquessa Reigna, Marquis Kael, and their daughter. Welcome, Lady Brianne!

--- Ashford Stance (from Olivia) ---
House Ashford will make sure we raises our glasses to the new Lady Brianne and her parents, Marquis Kael, and Marquessa Reigna.

--- Darkwater Stance (from Carita) ---
Welcome to the world, Lady Brianne! House Darkwater sends it's congratulations to the generous Marquis and Marquessa Keaton on the arrival of their newest bundle of joy.

--- Moore Stance (from Tessa) ---
Yeah more babies!

--- Clement Stance (from Norwood) ---
Another Keaton makes the compact stronger. May she live long and well.