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In Support of Bellerive

Posted by Teagan on 02/10/19
The march of time cannot be stopped.

Bellerive stands besieged by House Threerivers' forces and they have requested for help. I have tried to reason and have made repeated overtures to speak with Marquessa Rhea Acheron, who has refused my rather reasonable proposal and has not since exchanged words with me on the subject. Unfortunately, Marquessa, the time for words is now past.

House Threerivers insults the honor of House Blackram's words to look after its vassals as their suzerain and overlord with their rash actions. We will not stand by this, nor can we wait any longer while a vassal in need requires our assistance.

They needn't wait any longer.

Our armies will march to help relieve the siege of Bellerive's holdings. Should they wish to recant their actions and retreat to their borders, they will be allowed, by Gild's grace, safe conduct to do so. Otherwise, to persist in this act of iniquity is to draw our ire, and we will not hesitate to cut their army to the last man if that is what's needed.

Breathe in relief, Last Bridge: help is coming. And we will not hesitate to defend our people.

--- Acheron Stance (from Rhea) ---
How convenient for House Blackram to forget House Bellerive drew first blood on innocent soldiers.