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Grayhope Cares About Fair Fares

Posted by Magpie on 01/13/19
While we may not be nobility, the Grayhope family wants it to be known that we care about the people. In this time of strife and turmoil we would never take advantage of supply and demand to gouge prices.

We are such experts in moving anything of value in a timely, professional manner that some might wonder if all the proper inspections and papers were seen to, but we promise that they were!

Lastly, we would never, ever consider helping transport precious live cargo to get to less war torn lands to swear fealty despite previously mentioning how terribly good we are at safely moving any and all things so quickly. However, if we did do that sort of thing we would make sure to charge most fairly because starting a new life as a prodigal is hard enough, and Grayhope cares.

Magpie Grayhope

--- Amadeo Stance (from Duarte) ---
Oddly enough, it's the least suspicious thing I've read all day.