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Blacklisting the Blades

Posted by Preston on 01/13/19
In recent days, it has come to our attention that grave insult and injury has been done to the Faith involving the Crimson Blades. The Crimson Blades have prided themselves on noble Oathlands traditions, I find none of that in their actions. I find insult, to the Templars, to the Scholars and most heinous of all to the Faith of the Pantheon. Until such time as they achieve forgiveness through pennance with the Faith and her discipleships, so the Templars consider the Crimson Blades blacklisted. Any effort or endeavour that includes them will receive neither our support nor our favour. It is our hope that this action will compell them to seek resolution to their deeds sooner rather than later.

By my hand,

Sir Preston Godsworn
Grandmaster, Holy Knights of the Temple

--- Crimson Blades Stance (from Violet) ---
The Crimson Blades followed the orders of their commander. I, Violet Farwatch, stand ready and waiting for the faith to give me guidance in my penance. Those wishing answers may seek me out in the Shrine of the Sentinel.