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Royal Birth

Posted by Edain on 01/10/19
Let it be known that Princess Caelis has given birth to our second child. A beautiful girl we have named Princess Sugan Valardin.

My deepest thanks to my cousin Princess Isidora for helping mother and daughter through the birth and assuring that both are healthy and resting well.

Edain Valardin
Prince of Sanctum

--- Thrax Stance (from Victus) ---
Congratulations to the Prince and Princess. May Sugan grow to be a fierce dragon.

--- Blackwood Stance (from Ysbail) ---
House Blackwood congratulates House Valardin on the birth of another lovely princess.

--- Kennex Stance (from Zoey) ---
House Kennex celebrates the birth of Princess Sugan and is pleased to hear that everyone is well.

--- Valardin Stance (from Alis) ---
Princess Ellara is surely very pleased that her orders were followed to the letter, and there is yet another princess in the family!

--- Blackram Stance (from Teagan) ---
House Blackram congratulates House Valardin and wishes the fortunate mother and father well on a sweet daughter.

--- Grayson Stance (from Sabella) ---
Grayson is thrilled to hear this happy news and hopes that Princess Caelis and Princess Sugan are resting well! We look forward to princess playdates in a few months!

--- Greenmarch Stance (from Margret) ---
House Greenmarch congratulates House Valardin. We are sure Princess Sugan will live up to her namesake.

--- Fidante Stance (from Calista) ---
House Fidante celebrates the arrival of Princess Sugan Valardin. Many blessed congratulations to Prince Edain, Princess Caelis and family.

--- Darkwater Stance (from Carita) ---
House Darkwater warmly welcomes Princess Sugan Valardin to the world.

--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---
With an absolute straight face and utterly no punny remarks at all, the Crown congratulates Valardin.

--- Lyonesse Stance (from Demura) ---
House Lyonesse congratulates House Valardin, which such name, Princess Sugan is bound to great deeds and we will be there to help her achieve them!

--- Tessere Stance (from Karadoc) ---
House Tessere sends their congratulations, and separately, Count-Consort Karadoc Tessere sends his condolences. All of that lost sleep.

--- Keaton Stance (from Kael) ---
House Keaton celebrates with House Valardin, rejoicing with this great news.

--- Whitehawk Stance (from Delilah) ---
An apt name for the princess. House Whitehawk sends its best wishes to Prince Edain, Princess Caelis, and their growing family. All the blessings upon you!

--- Grimhall Stance (from Valdemar) ---
Congratulations to Prince Edain and Princess Caelis, and welcome to the world Princess Sugan Valardin.