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Bear Witness

Posted by Falak on 01/06/19
It is this one's distinction to be named The Eye of the Prophet, and come to this city. Bear witness, as I speak the holy words of the Closest to the Divine, named the Obsidian Magister, and he who is the Prophet of the Sands. Bear witness to his words and to his testament.

As He Does Sleep, and so He Does Dream, and in this dream the coming gathering was forseen.

We come but to observe.

The Eye of the Prophet

--- Whitehawk Stance (from Kenna) ---
It would do the Prophet of the Sands well to observe his own lands and leave ours be.

--- Valorous Few Stance (from Shard) ---
Go. Away.

--- Valiant Effort Stance (from Malcolm) ---
Ain't too sure what keeps HIM up all night, but you might want to try one of them coffees at Bold Espressions if you don't got them where you're from. They got all sorts of flavors - I'd suggest the chocolate orange one.