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Commoners Council Results!

Posted by Joscelin on 12/22/18
Commoners of the Compact!

I, Joscelin K. Arterius, passing member of the Commoners Council, am pleased to announce the following five new councilors chosen by you, with the sanction of King Alaric Grayson the IV and the oversight of Calarian the First Observer:

Harper Grayhope
Aleksei Morgan
Sina Godsworn
Juniper Whisper
Perronne Amboise

It is also noted, by decree of King Alaric, that the following are alternative councilors should any of the five be unable to serve, listed in order of count:

Theodoric Ulbran
Andry Bayweather

In the future, when there is an issue Commoners want heard by the King, it is to one of the five elected councilors you would take your concerns, questions, etc. It is their responsibility to carry your voice to the King's ears, to be discussed and considered, to bring up similar issues during the Assembly and such-like meetings.

Please join us in congratulating them on their successful election!

Fair fortune and luck on all endeavors,

. /, __,
_/ Joscelin K. Arterius
(/ Crafters Guildmaster

--- Amadeo Stance (from Duarte) ---
Congratulations to those newly elected. And recognition and praise to Marquis Calarian and Guildmaster Joscelin for their work in organizing and running the election process.

--- The Champions Stance (from Caspian) ---
We congratulate our fellow Champion Aleksei for winning a spot on the commoner's council!