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A New Greenmarch

Posted by Simone on 12/09/18
Amid all of the hardships that have challenged so many of us in the last years, events happen that leave us heartened and happy, events that lift our spirits and give us hope for the future. House Greenmarch is extremely pleased to announce such an event. Lady Margret Greenmarch and Lord Alessandro Greenmarch are now the proud and happy parents to a handsome baby boy, named Marcus Greenmarch. They do House Greenmarch a great honor in remembering our fallen ancestor and bringing such joy into our lives.

So by this announcement, House Greenmarch wishes to officially welcome our newest member of the house and express our sheer joy that both mother and baby are safe, happy, and healthy.

Marquessa Simone Greenmarch

--- Redrain Stance (from Gwenna) ---
Our most heartfelt congratulations to House Greenmarch! Gods bless Lady Margret, Lord Alessandro, and Lord Marcus, and our gladness to hear all are well.

--- Bard's College Stance (from Niklas) ---
CONGRATULATIONS! to my best pal Lord Alessandro and also my good friend Last Margret on the arrival of Marcus! Also, bards make great entertainment at birthdays and such.

--- Scholars Stance (from Sina) ---
May Vellichor guide the little lord in wisdom. We congratulate House Greenmarch on the newest addition to their family.

--- Riven Stance (from Mia) ---
Riven welcomes little Lord Marcus to the world, and with him all of the many, many joys that he will bring his kin.

--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---
We will MARCthis day with revelry! Congratulations.

--- Grimhall Stance (from Valdemar) ---
House Grimhall welcomes Lord Marcus to the world, and wishes the best for the happy parents.

--- Bisland Stance (from Michael) ---
Congratulations to Lord Alessandro Greenmarch and Lady Margret Greenmarch for the birth of their child.

--- Whitehawk Stance (from Delilah) ---
House Whitehawk offers warmest congratulations to Lord Alessandro and Lady Margret on the arrival of Lord Marcus! May his family be bright with joy.