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Line of Succession

Posted by Malcolm on 12/05/18
On this thirteenth day of the second month in the one-thousandth and tenth year after the Reckoning, or close enough to it as of the writing of this thing, I - Duke Malcolm Shepherd of Graypeak - do hereby list my line of succession on the off-chance I get crushed by falling rocks or bitten by an abyssal monster or fall down some stairs chasing after a dog or what-have-you.

My first and official heir is my cousin and Voice, Lord Wyatt Shepherd, who will be the one to take my place as Duke should I ever fail in my duties as ruler of Graypeak and die - or leave no heirs.

His sister and my cousin, Lady Jennyva Shepherd is in line right afterward.

Lastly, my sister, Lady Bonnie Shepherd is in line. Why? 'Cause if we're at this point in the parade of succession we're pretty well screwed - and I've given her enough chances to escape the responsible shackles of duty.

Honorable, no?

As it is writ so shall it be.

By my hand,

Duke Malcolm Shepherd,
That Guy Who Tried, Castellan of Graypeak

--- Grayson Stance (from Tikva) ---
House Grayson appreciates the clarity with which House Shepherd has delineated its stance on succession and strongly supports the idea of Duke Malcolm _not_ falling down the stairs etc. anytime soon.

--- Whisper Stance (from Lumen) ---
Whisper House is available and happy to assist in the drafting of any future proclamations.

--- Bisland Stance (from Michael) ---
House Bisland appreciates the clarity in which House Shepherd has provided to secure its future. House Bisland also hopes that Duke Malcolm's dog grows fat and lazy enough to never need chasing.

--- Ashford Stance (from Harlan) ---
Given recent events, Ashford absolutely agrees with a clear line of sucession is a responsible and proper thing to have prepared.

--- Wyrmguard Stance (from Dominique) ---
Wyrmguard knows that you can never predict the Abyssal, and if Duke Malcolm dies in defending the Compact against such a creature, they are also glad that he has indicated his heir.

--- Leary Stance (from Fairen) ---
House Leary will most certainly will be looking at this as a prime example of practicality, and will likely replicate this ourselves.