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Birth of Mathias Redtyde

Posted by Alexandre on 11/27/18
It is with great joy that both Rosalie and myself announce the successful birth of our son, Lord Mathias Redtyde. Both baby and mother are healthy, and shall be enjoying well deserved rest.

Lord Alexandre Redtyde
Voice of Redtyde

--- Redreef Stance (from Mikani) ---
We in Redreef are excited to hear of the new Redtyde. Glad that the mother and baby are well and thriving. May you all grow together on this new adventure.

--- Valardin Stance (from Edain) ---
There was a time I believed my grandfather's family had been exterminated from the face of Arvum, and now to hear the first in a new generation is born reminds me that good and justice survive even among our darkest moments.

--- Whitehawk Stance (from Delilah) ---
House Whitehawk celebrates the renewal of House Redtyde, and sends its warmest wishes to the family. Welcome to the Compact, Lord Mathias!

--- Thrax Stance (from Alarissa) ---
We lift our cups in joy to Redtyde and welcome the little Lord with joy. Congratulations on your expanding family.

--- Mazetti Stance (from Hadrian) ---
We are ecstatic to hear of this delightful news! It is our sincere hope that all involved parties enjoy these precious moments. Welcome to the the world, Lord Mathias.

--- Harthall Stance (from Orvyn) ---
House Harthall wishes both health and longevity to your new addition. May the winds always be in his sails.

--- Tyde Stance (from Margot) ---
Tyde welcomes our new cousin to the world. We rise.