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Lore Artiglio

Posted by Talen on 11/21/18
We are pleased to announce Mistress Lore Artiglio as our new Minister of Productivity for House Velenosa. Focusing on the development of product trade within and outwith Arx and the Lyceum, we look forward to her efforts, and the results that the Compact shall reap.

Furthermore it is our duty to announce that Mistress Lore Artiglio is also hereby appointed Head of House of House Artiglio with all authority and responsibilities as such. May she continue to serve House Velenosa as the foremost Hound of Lenosia, to lead the pack, and ensure that the military and mercantile icons of Lenosia continue with excellence.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

--- The Champions Stance (from Caspian) ---
We congratulate our newest Champion in her new titles!