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Duke of Grihem's Point

Posted by Valdemar on 11/19/18
It is with a heavy heart that I must formally proclaim the death of Duke Harald Grimhall of Grihem's Point after he fell in combat with cultists in the caverns near the Lodge of Petrichor. He died the 'good death' any Grimhall hopes for, falling against unfavorable odds in defense of the Lodge, his family, the Mourning Isles and the Compact as a whole. Though proper funeral rites have already taken place at Grihem's Point, a memorial feast will be held in Arx for those here who would like to do the same.

Now that house Grimhall has had the necessary time to pay its respects to its fallen leader, the succession must be addressed. As my father willed, I, his eldest son Lord Valdemar Grimhall, will now inherit control of Grihem's Point as Duke, and pray that I can lead our house and people in a way that will, as he so often put it, make our ancestors jealous. Toward this end, my wife, Vanora Grimhall will continue to serve as Voice of our house as she has since our marriage, giving us a stable foundation from which to move forward.

Fear is the Guardian of Hate

Duke Valdemar Grimhall

--- Stormbreak Stance (from Edward) ---
A worthy successor to House Grimhall, Stormbreak gives welcome to the new Duke.

--- Thrax Stance (from Victus) ---
We have faith in Grimhall's deep sense of tradition to ensure this transition is clean and prosperous.

--- Navegant Stance (from Estil) ---
We offer our condolences and congratulations both, and we welcome the new Duke to his place.

--- Kennex Stance (from Octavia) ---
House Kennex remains ever faithful to House Grimhall, to the memory of Duke Harald, and to the rule of Duke Valdemar.

--- Malvici Stance (from Calypso) ---
Malvici gives their well-wishes and support to Valdemar in the challenges ahead.