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Redrain-Velenosa Marriage

Posted by Darren on 11/17/18
The past few weeks have been full of quiet announcements of successes in the light of grave losses. And while we mourn those who have given their lives for the protection of the Compact, there are, too, moments of happiness that have blossomed to remind us what we are fighting for.

With that said, it is my immense pleasure to announce the marriage of Princess Gwenna Redrain and Prince Lorenzo Velenosa. Having put off their wedding in light of the crisis, Lorenzo and Gwenna were quietly wed by a seraph and shaman as they were returning from Stormward, where they had helped evacuate some of the shav tribes from the area around the Lodge. Now is not the time for a grand celebration, but one will be held when the Compact has recovered.

In the meantime, House Redrain offers a warm welcome to Prince Lorenzo, who will forever be a reminder of the strong bond between House Velenosa and House Redrain. And, of course, we offer our happiest blessings upon the marriage.


Prince Darren Redrain, Highlord of Redrain

--- Laurent Stance (from Cristoph) ---
House Laurent congratulates the happy couple on finally being wed!

--- Grayson Stance (from Sabella) ---
House Grayson is overjoyed to hear such happy news! Congratulations to Velenosa and Redrain on such a perfect match! And of course, the lovely couple!

--- Keaton Stance (from Reigna) ---
Many congratulations and well wishes for the couple! May your journey together be a good one!

--- Whisper Stance (from Lumen) ---
The sort of precious good news that sustains us. Kudos to both Houses for this very fine match and best wishes to our friends for their new life together!

--- Greenmarch Stance (from Margret) ---
House Greenmarch is delighted to hear such wonderful news. May the happy couple have many years of joy and prosperity.

--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---
I'm personally sad to see you LorenzGO but congrats on your GWENNing match!

--- Bisland Stance (from Michael) ---
House Bisland advises Prince Lorenzo to keep be wary of Princess Gwenna's fashion sense.