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Malespero-Thrax Betrothal

Posted by Pasquale on 11/16/18
It is with great joy that House Malespero announces the betrothal of our good and wise Marquessa Lianne to Prince Valerius of House Thrax. At the conclusion of their betrothal period, upon their wedding, his highness shall join our ranks and become Marquis Consort Valerius Malespero, Count of the March of Nilanza. May Limerance bless this union, and may the bonds is creates strengthen our House for generations to come.

"From Tragedy, Strength."

By my hand,

Lord Pasquale Malespero

Voice of Malespero

--- Halfshav Stance (from Khanne) ---
It's About Ti... I mean, House Halfshav shouts a loud Huzzah (some louder than others) in celebration of this news. Congratulations to the Marquessa and her Prince on their betrothal. Can't wait for the wedding!