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Leaving Seraceni

Posted by Malika on 10/14/18
I am Malika Seraceni no more, my family was raised to nobility long ago as part of house Seraceni in name and in title for our loyalty and service many centuries ago. My family has held the position of sword for many generations never once was our loyalty questioned or so easily. Till this day, as such I join my brother in leaving the house and declare myself Crownsworn to give my loyalty to the Crown and Compact. I know my brother and I know where his Loyalty has always lain, to accuse him without providing proof, to judge him guilty before even speaking to him as Lady Prisila did speaks far more of her honor then his.

--- Amadeo Stance (from Duarte) ---
We see no purpose in loud departures from your House beyond perhaps to stir dissent and foment antagonism within.

--- Seraceni Stance (from Prisila) ---
Marquis Dario and the Voice of Seraceni would remind Malika Crownsworn that she has /not/ been released from her oath of fealty and leaving would mark her as an Oathbreaker.

--- De Lire Stance (from Lys) ---
Speaking as once commoners... Good luck! You will only get a little stink eye in the Boroughs, really! Try finding lodging at the Murder!