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Renunciation of Sword

Posted by Faruq on 10/14/18

    I once was Lord Faruq Seraceni, Sword of Ischia, Captain of the Black Siren, Captain of the Widow's Tears. Now I am simply Faruq Crownsworn. I hearby renounce the Sword of Ischia position. I renounce any famililial obligation or connection to House Seraceni. I swear my Loyalty to the Crown and the Compact from this point forwards.

    Words were spoken that were attributed to me. These words were never said. As Sword of Seraceni my Honor is the Honor of my House. That Honor was abused and discarded by the Voice of my former House. As such I walk a separate path from House Seraceni from this day forwards. May they find their path, and may it be an honorable one from this point forwards.

Faruq, now Crownsworn. Captain of the Black Siren.