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Scholars Emissary

Posted by Sina on 09/21/18
It is with great pleasure that I announce the return of the Liaison program within the Scholars of Vellichor. This program was discontinued some time back, but we now recognize that it is a vitally important part of our Order as we seek to maintain ties throughout the Compact that we might effectively fulfill our charge to be the guardians of knowledge, to educate, to advise, and to share in knowledge with those who seek it.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Senior Scholar Delilah Whitehawk to the position of Emissary, who will oversee the Liaison sect of the Scholars of Vellichor. Emissary Delilah speaks with my voice alongside Magister Fairen Leary, and will be taking up the task of building strong and lasting relations between the Scholars and other organizations. I have great confidence in her abilities and look forward to her support in the days ahead.

In faith and service,

Blessed Sina Izetta
Archscholar of Vellichor

--- Rubino-Zaffria Stance (from Aiden) ---
We extend our congratulations to Emissary Delilah Whitehawk upon her appointment and look forward to working with her. Well done!