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Birth of Vittore Velenosa

Posted by Mydas on 09/16/18
It is with pride, happiness and substantial relief that Princess Jaenelle Velenosa and myself announce the successful birth of our son, Prince Vittore Velenosa. Both child and mother are healthy and safe, and House Velenosa shall thus be celebrating until we run out of wine.

Prince Mydas Velenosa
Voice of Velenosa

--- Mazetti Stance (from Hadrian) ---
Congratulations to the more than likely happy parents. Congratulations to Prince Vittore for the successful conclusion of an arduous journey. A new path begins now, thankfully you're surrounded by some of the very best of people.

--- Redrain Stance (from Gwenna) ---
House Redrain offers its most heartfelt congratulations on the birth of Prince Vittore Velenosa! Our glasses raise in toast and our spirits glad for the health of both mother and child.

--- Redtyde Stance (from Rosalie) ---
Redtyde welcomes the new Velenosan Prince and congratulates his parents on a healthy baby boy!

--- Velenosa Stance (from Eleyna) ---
Prince Vittore emerged just in time to avoid an Archduchess' command to present himself. Stubborn little fox.

--- Darkwater Stance (from Carita) ---
House Darkwater offers it's warmest congratulations at the news! Welcome to the world, Prince Vittore Velenosa!

--- The Champions Stance (from Caspian) ---
Congratulations to Princess Jaenelle on becoming a mother! I'll be over later today to talk about making the little prince a champion some day!

--- Farshaw Stance (from Ryhalt) ---
House Farshaw wonders if there's something in the water or if it's just baby season. Either way, congratulations are in order well wishes are given in hopes for a healthy new Velenosa.

--- Grimhall Stance (from Valdemar) ---
Congratulations to Prince Mydas, Princess Jaenelle, and the rest of house Velenosa on the birth of another prince! And welcome to the world, Prince Vittore!

--- Malespero Stance (from Pasquale) ---
House Malespero celebrates this joyful occasion with Prince Mydas, Princess Jaenelle, and their new child. May you be blessed with health and happiness.

--- Thrax Stance (from Victus) ---
I'm gonna bounce that kid on my knee so good. Oh and congratulations!

--- Truesworn Stance (from Sudara) ---
The Truesworn eagerly anticipate providing maritime and cultural education to Prince Vittore: epic poetry and sea shanties suit all occasions! But in all sincerity: our warmest congratulations and felicitations to the family and its new addition.

--- Halfshav Stance (from Khanne) ---
House Halfshav is overjoyed to hear the announcement of the arrival of Prince Vittore. Congratulations to Prince Mydas and Princess Jaenelle, and welcome to the world, Prince Vittore! Huzzah!

--- Fidante Stance (from Calista) ---
We are overjoyed at the news of Prince Vittore's arrival! Congratulations Princess Jaenelle and Prince Mydas!

--- Corvini Stance (from Giulio) ---
House Corvini welcomes the boy into the world. With parents such as Prince Ettore and Princess Jaenelle, there is no doubt at all that he will rise to great heights.

--- Keaton Stance (from Reigna) ---
Congratulations to Princess Jaenelle and Prince Mydas! Keaton welcomes the newest Prince of Velenosa.

--- Redreef Stance (from Mikani) ---
Redreef welcomes the new Prince of Velenosa. May your family continue to flourish and grow together.

--- Valardin Stance (from Alis) ---
Congratulations to House Velenosa and the proud new parents!

--- Grayson Stance (from Sabella) ---
House Grayson welcomes the new little Prince and wishes all the best (and as much sleep as possible) to the new parents!

--- Mercy Stance (from Sophie) ---
The Mercies rejoice in the successful birth of Prince Vittore Velenosa. We pray for the continued health of both baby and mother. May the new Prince do remarkable things!

--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---