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A Call To All Sworn Swords and Bannermen

Posted by Prisila on 09/09/18
Our House comes from a long history of successful naval conquest. For centuries we have served the Compact faithfully and done our due diligence for the lands in our stewardship. We cannot abide the lawlessness in the archipelagos, we cannot allow the rampant piracy, and most importantly we cannot abide oathbreakers and Abyssal elements which traffick in blood rites or dark magics. The precepts of the Platinum Ban are ours to enforce in our lands, even if the aforementioned have forgotten it. The enemy believes they have us where they want us, that we have grown complacent and fat on the spoils and successes of our ancestors. We, the principle House of Ischia and the archipelagos must show them this is the farthest thing from the truth.

Our battles are our own to fight and we thank Houses Kennex and Melaeris for their contributions and are happy to see them leave our waters with their ships and armies intact. We thank Houses Crovane and Stonewood for their continued support and the assistance they have given us to keep the shipping lanes safe for the Compact with their fleets so we might mobilize our own to bring our full force to bear upon the enemies of the five kingdoms. This is a call to our banners, as we have done before and will do again when circumstances warrant. Respect the sacred oaths you have sworn like I know you will, gather your sword, your bows, your shields, your spears, your courage and your honor and stand with us against injustice and the forces of chaos.

Take Everything,
Lady Prisila Seraceni,
Voice of Ischia and Queen of Silver