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Convocation of the Faith

Posted by Orazio on 08/25/18
In the past year the Faith of the Pantheon has seen great upheaval and many challenges. We have seen the loss of Legates to untimely death, the deaths of so many Faithful - including thousands of Godsworn Knights in Stormwall and Setarco. We have lost friends and defeated enemies and through it all we have strengthened our own faith in the Gods and Their guidance. We have built strong bonds and we are stronger for it. But the leadership of the Faith has existed for too long in our weakened state. And so let it be known that on this June the Sixteenth, One Thousand Nine After the Reckoning, in Convocation of the Faith we have made the following determinations:

We have reversed the decision to include the Lost Gods among the existing Tetrarchs, and instead create a new Triad and name a new Legate, the Legate of the Lost, Shepherd of the Faith. The first Legate so named is Legate Aureth.

In the past, the Archlector of the Thirteenth has stood outside the traditional organization of the Faith. While we understand that this is in part due to the very nature of the Mirrormasks, it presents difficulties for organization and for clarifications. Thus the Archlector of the Thirteenth will now come under the auspices of the Legate of the Lost as well.

As the Grandmaster of the Templars has decided at last to retire and spend the rest of her days in quiet contemplation, she has petitioned to be released from her active leadership duties to the Templars. With thanks for her many years of service, and gratitude that she will be able to share her wisdom with her successor, we hereby appoint Sir Preston as Grandmaster of the Templars. May he serve with the same distinction, and a similar number of trebuchets.

Additionally there are more traditional positions that have gone unfilled for too long. Thus do we appoint Legate Cassandra as the Legate of the Arts, Sword of the Faith. Legate Bianca is appointed Legate of Creation, Ward of the Faith. And Legate Ailith is appointed Legate of Concepts, Shield of the Faith.

Lastly, Beloved Aldwin has determined that it is time for him to step down as Dominus. He has served the Gods faithfully for many fine years, and so this was a shock to many. And yet it is a necessary step, and thus we pray he finds his late years good ones. For myself, I pray that when the last breath leaves my body and I stand before Sentinel, I may have as many fine deeds to recommend me during my time as Dominus.

We rejoice that at last the leadership of the Faith stands strong and united. These have been difficult years, but together we shall persevere in firm Faith.

By my hand this day,
Dominus Orazio

--- Laurent Stance (from Cristoph) ---
House Laurent congratulates all on their new positions, may the Faith grow stronger.

--- Leary Stance (from Fairen) ---
It is a time of change, a time of growth, and most importantly, we need unity. House Leary wishes to congratulate the new Legates, and the new Dominus, and stands ready to support in these challenging times.

--- Malvici Stance (from Calypso) ---
Malvici stands behind Dominus Orazio and his leadership through this. The faith to be upheld is in good hands.

--- Mazetti Stance (from Cambria) ---
Change is inevitable. May the new Legates embrace their new roles, and most especially may the gods smile upon Dominus Orazio.

--- Kennex Stance (from Zoey) ---
House Kennex is grateful for the service of those before and looks with joy to the coming years alongside the Faith's new Legates and Dominus.

--- Malespero Stance (from Pasquale) ---
Malespero affirms our fidelity to the Faith and its new Legates, Grandmaster, and of course Dominus Orazio. May these changes bring us strength in our reverence.

--- Amadeo Stance (from Duarte) ---
House Amadeo rejoices for these announcements. We offer our deepest thanks to those stepping aside and warmest welcomes to those stepping in. The Faith and the faithful have much to celebrate today.

--- Scholars Stance (from Sina) ---
We congratulate the new Legates on their appointments and stand behind the will of the Convocation. We wish Beloved Aldwin a peaceful retirement, and shall support Dominus Orazio and the Legates during this time of change.

--- Tyde Stance (from Dagon) ---
House Tyde celebrates the new appointments and the organization of new ways. With great thanks to those who come now, and those who have come before for the sacrifice they make for all, we are looking forward to providing support the Faith and Dominus Orazio.

--- Stormbreak Stance (from Elloise) ---
Yay! (All opinions expressed by the Baroness Consort are solely her current opinions.) Still. Yay!

--- Grayhope Stance (from Mayir) ---
Legate Aureth! Let this be a lesson: Stick with the Grayhopes and you'll go far. Grayhope: For all your needs.

--- Redrain Stance (from Gwenna) ---
House Redrain congratulates all the newly appointed and looks forward to continuing to work closely with the Faith, who bled with us in Stormwall, now and in the future. Our most sincere gratitude as well to those who have retired their positions.

--- Spirit Walkers Stance (from Khanne) ---
We congratulate those appointed with new positions and count many as friends amongst us. With great respect, we look forward to working with the Legates and Dominus Orazio when we are able.

--- Grimhall Stance (from Vanora) ---
We congratulate these new appointments as the faith revives. House Grimhall looks forward to working with the Faith in the future.

--- Keaton Stance (from Reigna) ---
Keaton congratulates all those risen to their much deserved positions and wishes Beloved Aldwin a happy retirement.