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Withdrawal of the Lycene Armada

Posted by Eleyna on 08/17/18
In light of House Seraceni's proclamation asking for the evacuation of all non-merchant vessels, House Velenosa has decided to respect House Seraceni's sovereignty and hereby orders to removal of all Lycene ships, including merchant vessels regardless of association with the Empyrean Trade Route, from Ischia waters until further notice from the Archduchess. No Lycene military nor merchant vessels are to enter Ischia waters or ports. Given the professed situation as declared by Lady Prisila Saraceni, House Velenosa does not feel comfortable allowing any merchant vessels in pirate infested waters without extensive security provided by our own ships. Since they are unwelcome in Ischia, Lycene merchants will be barred as well.

House Velenosa wishes House Saraceni the best of luck in coping with their pirate problem.

Archduchess Eleyna Velenosa
Grand Duchess of the Lyceum

--- Seraceni Stance (from Prisila) ---
The Marquis Dario and the domains of Ischia offer our gratitude for House Velenosa's cooperation.