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New Heirs for Grimhall

Posted by Harald on 08/10/18
Let it be known that on 13 May 1009 at the 13th hour, Valdemar Grimhall's acknowledged son and heir was born at Grihem's Point and given the name Arkyn Grimhall.

Let it be further known that he was followed fourteen minutes later by his brother, Antony Grimhall.

The babies have been deemed fit for these names and they were thus given, and the family is doing well.

By my hand,
Duke Harald Grimhall

--- Fireviper Stance (from Titania) ---
House Fireviper hold our mugs up and toast House Grimhall in congradulations to the knew heirs! Welcome Lord Arkyn and Lord Anthony!

--- Velenosa Stance (from Talen) ---
House Velenosa celebrates the birth of House Grimhall's sons, Arkyn and Antony, and looks forward to seeing their martial prowess in service of the Compact in the years to come.

--- Mirrormask Stance (from Vayne) ---
The Shrine of the Thirteenth celebrates these two new lives, and rejoices with the happy couple.

--- Stormbreak Stance (from Edward) ---
House Stormbreak celebrates the growth of House Grimhall; we hope their future carries on Grimhall's strength as the finest house in Thrax.

--- Kennex Stance (from Ford) ---
House Kennex offers congratulations to House Grimhall and welcomes Darion's half-brothers into the world.