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Contagious Disease in the Lowers

Posted by Reigna on 08/10/18
A new disease has appeared in the Lower Burroughs of Arx and is being studied and researched by the Physicians Guild. The disease has been observed to bring on a rapid and intense fever, irrational and heightened aggression. Incubation times seem to vary, and it is spread via fluid contact, bites and scratches. Human to human transmission has been seen, however there is evidence to support the idea that animal to human transmission is possible as well.

The source of this disease is still unknown, but we are making progress towards a cure. All attacks have occurred in the Lowers, however, if you run into any animals acting odd, wild animals seeming tame or very stupid, unafraid of humans, or animals acting excessively aggressive, or drooling copiously (far more than the average bloodhound or mastiff) stay away and summon someone armored who can put them down.

We are sad to report the first fatality from this disease, however, we have several carriers who do not seem to be showing any signs of madness or aggression while under treatment. If you see anything unusual, please report this information to the Physicians. Any questions regarding this may be directed to Marquessa Reigna Keaton, Guildmaster of the Physicians Guild of Arx

--- The Champions Stance (from Caspian) ---
We encourage Champions to stay out of The Lowers and if they are infected to not fight in any duels.

--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---
The Crown urges the Compact to keep itself above board.

--- Culler Stance (from Torian) ---
Tthe orgphans of Culler's Safe Harbor House have been moved until this crisis is over. Additionaly, experienced members of my family (clad in the best leathers, mine) will be controling the animal population with force of arms. -Torian