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Velenosa-Redrain Courtship

Posted by Gwenna on 08/04/18

It seems both my duty, as well as my pleasure, to announce that House Velenosa and House Redrain have agreed upon a courtship between Prince Lorenzo Velenosa and myself, Princess Gwenna Redrain. After a three-month period, Prince Lorenzo will marry into the Redrain family and henceforth be known as Prince Lorenzo Redrain. The joining of the South and the North will surely reinforce the strong bonds that are already in place between both our Great Houses.

Princess Gwenna Redrain
Voice of House Redrain

--- Halfshav Stance (from Khanne) ---
Halfshav is pleased to hear of this courtship and wishes Prince and Princess the best for the coming three months.

--- Greenmarch Stance (from Simone) ---
House Greenmarch congratulates the happy couple, and wishes them joy and success on their new path together.

--- Velenosa Stance (from Eleyna) ---
House Velenosa is pleased to form yet more strong alliances with House Redrain and wishes the couple every happiness.