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Reward for Statue Decorators

Posted by Preston on 07/16/18
Word has reached the Chapter House that some...creative types...decided to make alterations to the statue of the Goddess Mangata on the beaches of Arx. The Templars are grateful to the Iron Guard for their hard work cleaning up after these artists, and will send along a couple of casks of Oathlands wine from our stores in small token of thanks for all their good work on behalf of the people of Arx, in the face of determined disruptive elements. We will position a small guard at the altar and statue at the beach, so worshippers can be sure of their safety.

We would also be most interested in discussing the creative art with the clearly humour filled individuals behind it. Accordingly, the Knights of the Holy Temple post a reward of 10,000 silver for the first person to provide information that leads to their most detention by the Iron Guard.

For the Grandmaster of the Holy Knights of the Temple, Chosen of Gloria

Sir Preston, Knight Marshall

--- Solace Stance (from Thena) ---
Solace will match the reward.

--- Mazetti Stance (from Hadrian) ---
Oathlands wine? Just say water. No need to church it up. House Mazetti also hopes that the culprits are apprehended and scolded rather harshly.

--- Iron Guard Stance (from Calaudrin) ---
The Iron Guard appreciates the support of the Templars. Everyone else: please stop making messes.

--- Faith of the Pantheon Stance (from Orazio) ---
The reward may be considered to be an even 50,000 silver for information that meets the Knight Marshall's requirements.