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Issuance of Narisco's Candle for Paige Stahlben

Posted by Alistair on 07/16/18
High Inquisitor Alistair Velenosa looks even more dour then normal when he issues this proclamation outside the House of Questions:

"Countess Paige Stahlben shall be counted among the number who gave her life in service to the Crown and in assistance to the Inquisition. Remembered and never forgotten along with the thousand of names most will never know. Her rage, will not be forgotten, and her killer will be captured and face justice in our courts or at the end of the blade."

A candle is produced as has now become tradition, and is lit by a dutiful Confessor.

"A candle shall burn every day, until the day of her death, where its light will go out in rememberance."

And with that Alistair turns to head back inside the ominous House of Questions, following the candle in.

--- Redrain Stance (from Gwenna) ---
House Redrain mourns the loss of Countess Paige Stahlben and is grateful to the Crown and Inquisition for her remembrance. May justice soon be served.

--- Malvici Stance (from Eirene) ---
House Malvici offers condolences for the loss of your Countess and will work towards vengeance for her and our duke both.