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The Sword of Lenosia

Posted by Talen on 07/13/18
As is tradition, the appointment of the Sword of Lenosia is reserved for those who have long shown the highest degree of loyalty and a demonstrative ability to protect one's liege, through whatever means necessary. Thus, it is with pleasure that we announce that Mirari Corsetina will carry and wield Mirror Blade in service to House Velenosa from this day onward.

Furthermore, in line with newly established protocol, control of the Mirrorguard will pass into the same hands. It is with utmost confidence in our Sword that we look forward to observing what changes help evolve the organisation in the waking world.

--- Amadeo Stance (from Duarte) ---
A well deserved honor for Mistress Corsetina who will own well the responsibility. I can think of no better choice.

--- Crafters Guild Stance (from Joscelin) ---
It pleases us to see successful Crafters succeed in other endeavors. We are proud of you, Mirari Corsetina!

--- Grimhall Stance (from Valdemar) ---
House Grimhall applauds this choice, and offers Mistress Corsetina our congratulations.

--- The Champions Stance (from Caspian) ---
The Champions congradulate one of our own of becoming The Sword of Lenosia.

--- De Lire Stance (from Lys) ---
Mirari is definitely the most _fabulous_ sword! Congratulations!