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Episode: Much Ado About Prodigals

Posted by Story on 04/15/18
A large delegation of missionaries heads out to the Oathlands. Led by Legate Orazio himself, the group is diverse and interesting - Legate Orazio brings with him Archlectors Avary and Aureth, Grandmaster Thena of the Knights of Solace, Sir Preston of the Templars, Radiant Selene and Delia of the Whisper House, and Princess Terese Valardin. This is no simple missionary trip however, as the entire caravan is quite the sight to behold, stretching as it does for half a mile. Supplies, guards, gifts, and sundries fill the wagons. This is a slow-moving force but move it does, inexorably toward the Oathlands and its people on a matter of Faith.

They are rumored to be focused on the Prodigal house, though any who wish to converse about the Faith are welcome at any time. It is a trip of true believers, of those who are thoroughly dedicated to their service of the Pantheon. We come in peace, they say. We only wish to speak respectfully with you, and to help, and to welcome you to the Compact.