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Episode: Gyre Straits, Come the Fleet

Posted by Story on 03/21/18
In Setarco, meanwhile, it seems the battle will never end. The full might of the Compact's Navy is centered there, as well as almost half their ground forces as well. And they too have come under siege. Wave after wave of monsters, Marinites, and more monsters have hammered the city by land and by sea. The Gyre's fleet has come not once but twice, and the second time it brings the abyss with them (and a glass shark - seriously, messengers, get your shit together).

Ships of the fleet have sunk. So many ships, so many deaths. The sharks (the normal ones) are having a good few days. And against the walls the army has been hard-pressed to keep an even keel. The Valardin cavalry has suffered heavy losses too, charging in against a pack of murderdogs - those same who saw the end of Dame Zhayla and Lord Killian. Again and again the monsters come, and those who stood on the battlements are hard-pressed to speak of details so soon. Many fall, yet Setarco stands.