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Episode: Gyre Straits, Come the Fleet

Posted by Story on 03/21/18
It's confusing and difficult, being in one place and only hearing snippets of information from far-flung places where loved ones fight and perhaps die. And so in the aftermath of the battles, as information solidifies, a more coherent picture swims into view.

To the north in Stormwall, the city is razed. Fortunately most of the civilians evacuated, but military losses were heavy. The Pirate King came with overwhelming numbers (and demons), and though the forces were exceptionally well-led and organized under Princess Marian Redrain, still they were forced to fall back.

And here is where most telling the tale pause in awe, for instead of letting the city fall to the Pirate King, they made the call to raze the city entirely. The death toll was horrifying - and yet the Gyre's forces retreated. Crovane, even razed, remains in Redrain hands and free of demons and the Herald of Hunger - and that is a weighty victory indeed.