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Episode: Calling the Banners

Posted by Story on 02/08/18
Under Archduchess Eleyna Velenosa, the Lyceum mobilizes. From every corner they respond - duchies and counties, marches and baronies - small groups and large hear her call. The entirety of the Lyceum leadership stands behind her, and they speak to loyalty, to duty, to oaths of fealty. They speak to the pride of the Lyceum, reminding them that even roses have their thorns. They are a varied bunch, embodying kindness and grace, diplomacy and charm and tact. And manipulation and blackmail, persuasion, bullying and even a little outright threat. (I mean, did you /see/ what the Archduke-Consort considers armor?)

But it is a very Lycene call to arms, and the Lycenes respond appropriately - with approval and adoration for their leaders who understand them so well, and they flock to the mustering points and get their swords and their navies ready. As a fleet sails toward Setarco, the Lyceum sails to war.