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Episode: Calling the Banners

Posted by Story on 02/07/18
Redrain Fealty works together to call their banners. Every family - Sanna, Halfshav, Nightgold, Acheron, Redrain - even various tribes are called as the messengers go out. Under Prince Darren's call those of Redrain stand together. He's not asking for the moon and stars - he's asking for two-thirds of their fighting forces to respond. He's asking for Redrain to stand united.

The shaman consult the spirits. The faithful pray. Those of Redrain sharpen their axes and halberds, they repair those irritating breaks in their chainmail, they stock the stores and get the barrels of alcohol ready and they prepare.

Well armed and well inebriated, Redrain follows their High Lord's call: "Let's kill some pirates in the snow!" As an enemy fleet sails to Crovane, Redrain marches to war.